Small Group Fitness Training @ National Cathedral

Studies have found that support from people sharing the same experience and struggles with the difficult task of losing weight (and keeping it off) can enhance weight loss outcomes.

The small group training at the National Cathedral is meant to encourage these outcomes by fostering a strong sense of family, cultivating social interaction, and constantly providing positive feedback. The first priority is for me to determine what each person really wants, as well as what they don’t want, from the experience. I then utilize that personal, individual information to inform and shape the group format in order to provide the experience that members seek and expect.

Classes are intended to deliver the “Big Mac.” That’s Motivation, Accountability and Camaraderie. It’s a fact that people are far less likely to miss a group class because they feel responsible, answerable, to other members who count on them being there. The sense of community, the fun of everyone being together, and the growing friendships spent together after the workout all enhance the overall group exercise experience. In order to create that environment, it’s my job to maintain a positive and encouraging approach, where effort and form are acknowledged. I strive to do that.

The venue, which is on the grounds of the National Cathedral, is an absolutely majestic place to have our workouts. The Pilgrim Stairs are literally steps away from Open City cafe (, where you can meet up with friends/family after the workout for a healthy recovery breakfast.

We currently have openings in our small group trainings at 6 am until 7:10 am twice a week. The workout days are not on specific days, but are subject to maximum availability. The sessions are 50 minutes, but I extend the time to 7:10, in case anyone wants to show up at 6:20 am and still get 50 minutes in.

For more information, please contact me at: to try and initial session for just $10. If you would like to create your own time for a small group training with times, the hours available are between 6 am and 9 am on the weekdays.

Ryan Long, MSW, LICSW


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