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I worked closely with Mr. Long at my high school where he was a psychotherapist serving students with a wide range of needs. He was extremely professional and his collaborative approach during his time with us made him a great asset to our team and our students. We were very fortunate to have such a strong mental health partner in the building. For any adolescent seeking the services of a mental health professional, I would highly recommend that they see Ryan.
Adam S.
Head of College Counseling
Ryan Long has very special sensibilities around the mental game. He is very attuned to what athletes, coaches and parents are thinking and feeling in their sport experience. He knows how to help them get the most out of their mental approach. Ryan has a fantastic athletic background which he uses to help parents, coaches and athletes improve their mental capabilities. He has a vast level of experience personally as an athlete, coach, consultant and trainer in baseball, basketball, rugby, football and numerous other sports. All this taken together shows me what great things Ryan ultimately can do in this field. I know he is already making a major impact on his client's mental games, and I know he could be a major force nationally in the mental game.
Bill Cole
Radio and TV Personality
Ryan Long is a great leader, and runs a tough--and fun!--bootcamp on the grounds of the National Cathedral. Ryan has a strong background in psychology and counseling which is unusual in a trainer. As a result, he really understands how to motivate people. He also has a thorough understanding of the body and how to get results. Last but not least he is a thorough professional who is always on time and prepared. I can't recommend him enough!
Jeanne M.
As a parent of a teenaged daughter, I would encourage other parents to entrust Ryan in working with their child. My daughter is a high school softball pitcher, and she was immediately comfortable with Ryan’s demeanor and genuine approach – as was I. She was undergoing some obstacles in her athletic career when she began seeing Ryan. She was dealing with memories of a past sports injury, along with some emotional circumstances that were significantly impeding her from moving forward and reaching her peak performance. She was able to benefit from EMDR by working on addressing her negative sports memories, and emotional challenges. This allowed her to begin to focus on the present – not the past. Ryan also worked with her to develop some mental game techniques as another method to assist in achieving a high level of performance. The end-result was a night/day difference in terms of leadership and confidence both on the field and off. The 1.5-hour drive from Winchester was definitely worth it, and we are looking forward to seeing the continued development of our daughter as a Division I athlete next year.
Bonnie King
Ryan has demonstrated a high level of theoretical understanding and clinical skill, specifically with his application of EMDR to a variety of populations and clinical issues. He has employed creativity and innovation in effective and appropriate ways while still maintaining a high fidelity to the fundamental EMDR protocols. I have found him to be a proficient and ethical professional with a diligent commitment to the well-being of his clients. I highly recommend him for certification in EMDR.
EMDR Consultant
I'm a student at American University and I do a combination of therapy and behavioral coaching/fitness training with Ryan. What works for me is the coaching and encouragement he offers in fitness and more of the listening and exploring we do in EMDR therapy. It's really picked my spirits up, offered me new insights about myself, and taught me the importance of overall self-care in taking care of both my physical and mental self.
I've been working out with Ryan for over 3 years now, and his is one of the few fitness programs I've been inspired to stick with. Ryan is encouraging, tough, funny, and conscientious--a great combination in a workout coach. I look forward to the class every week.
Dana Schaffer
I did several phone sport psychology sessions with Ryan while I was in Korea training for the Olympics in short track speedskating. Despite the 14 hour time difference and my heavy training schedule, we were able to talk consistently thanks to his flexibility and willingness to adjust. Following our sessions, I was able to employ the strategies he taught me, making me noticeably calmer during races and leading to significantly better results. I was also able to think through strategies and adopt new ones much quicker than before, which increased my focus and confidence. I learned much more than I anticipated and I'm confident the skills I gained will be retained over time because they're effective and I'm motivated to keep practicing them. I highly recommend Ryan to any athlete looking to increase their mental game skills.
Benjamin Oh

Ryan Long, MSW, LICSW



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