Peak Performance Coaching (EMDR Flow)

For some people, the barriers to success seem clear. A high school student with extreme test anxiety knows he needs help to get his best SAT score. A professional woman who is afraid of public speaking may have her job opportunities limited. Taking the step to seek out appropriate help such as peak performance coaching or EMDR therapy is so important to creating possibilities for success. I’ve seen the results, the freedom and assurance that comes from people who have engaged in the process of shattering the barriers – students walking into an SAT test with confidence or professionals speaking confidently in front of a group.

For many of us our negative self-beliefs hide themselves in our sub-conscious. They play out in small moments that can affect our relationships and our willingness to take important risks. Some questions you might ask yourself to recognize what might be holding you back are:

  • Do I have goals that I establish and sabotage?
  • Do I feel bored in my career?
  • Do I feel stuck at a level of performance that I can’t break through?
  • Do I limit myself in order to avoid failure?
  • Do past setbacks keep me from taking risks?
  • Do I say no to challenges that interest me because I’m unsure of the result?

How Peak Performance Coaching and EMDR Therapy works
Bringing peak performance coaching and EMDR therapy to engage these barriers to success means having someone who can help you take a long and wide perspective of your life situation. They can also help you recognize patterns, identify the root cause of those barriers, and the negative beliefs that are holding you back from success. EMDR therapy is useful in working to process those root causes, helping to change negative beliefs into positive ones. And finally, a peak performance coach like myself can help you create the tools and systems you need for long term success.

Ryan Long, MSW, LICSW


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