Adult Therapy

After doing therapy, whether it be CBT, Psychodynamic Therapy EMDR, Solutions-Focused Therapy or another psychotherapeutic approach, here are some typical shifts I see in my work with adults:

  • Treat Yourself with Kindness – You have to love yourself and treat yourself with kindness before you can have the emotional capacity to truly love someone else.
  • Cut Yourself some Slack– We’re all humans and make mistakes.  Why are you are so hard on yourself and never give yourself a pat on the back? Could the expectation bar be too high or are you trying to live up to someone else’s standards other than your own?
  • You don’t have to do it All- It’s kind of ingrained in a lot of us living in the Washington DC area.  But there is a way to make that shift and have more balance in your life.
  • Put your Phone down and connect with Others: Spending time on Facebook and other media outlets is not healthy.  As humans, we yearn for more meaningful, face-to-face experience.  Live more in the moment and don’t take those real relationships for granted.
  • Anticipate Joy- The “glass half full” mentality. Don’t fear what you cannot control.  Envision happiness and you will lay the groundwork for making it become a reality.
  • Move Your Body More- Exercise and sports is a good way of feeling better about ourselves.  Your body was meant to move and not be stagnant.  Find a sport or an exercise class that keeps your brain and body healthy.
  • Pursue a Hobby- Keep your mind engaged in doing something.  Give yourself something you can do on your own perhaps, or find one that you can enjoy with others.
  • Embrace Mistakes- Instead of failures, mistakes are opportunities to learn from so you don’t make them again.  Substitute curiosity for frustration as to why the mistake was made.
  • Make Fun a Priority– Life is too short to not have fun. Go travel and explore, or if traveling is not for you, find something that you love doing and put an emphasis on it being a part of your life.
  • Treat Your Mental Health With the Same Importance as Your Physical Health- Reflect on your day, recognize when you become overwhelmed, be mindful, and make that effort to meditate.
  • Make New Friends- Always look to connect with new friends that have the values that you want in a friendship.
  • Savor Good Memories- Be grateful for memories with family and friends. It will improve your mood and overall attitude towards life.
  • Don’t Compare Yourself to Others- You’re unique in your own way. Don’t spend time comparing yourself to others. You were put on this world to make an impact in a distinct way.
  • Say “No” when it’s Necessary- It’s important to be assertive and establish boundaries.  Don’t feel obligated to always say “Yes.” Do it only if it works for you.
  • Make Yourself Vulnerable– The courage and conviction to tell our unique story is the definition of self-awareness.  With self-awareness, there is the opportunity for positive growth and change.
  • Ask For Help When you Need It- It’s not worth trying to do everything yourself, otherwise you will become overwhelmed. Learn to delegate or ask for helping hand.

Ryan Long, MSW, LICSW


verified by Psychology Today

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