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Psychotherapy and Performance Enhancement

Is there trauma or grief that's holding you back from moving forward?

Do you have a child that is stuck and looking for guidance from someone that they can identity with?

Or perhaps you have a mental block that is negatively impacting your sport performance?

Research indicates that the strongest predictor of success in psychotherapy is a good fit between client and therapist. My ability to relate to a diverse group of individuals parallels my treatment approach, which is always exploratory in nature. I do not have a preordained model that fits each person I see.  Instead, each story becomes my guide in properly identifying and addressing the origin and function of the problem. With EMDR, symptom relief and personal change can take place much more rapidly and deeply than through conventional talk therapy.

As a parent of a teenaged daughter, I would encourage other parents to entrust Ryan in working with their child. My daughter is a high school softball pitcher, and she was immediately comfortable with Ryan’s demeanor and genuine approach – as was I. She was undergoing some obstacles in her athletic career when she began seeing Ryan. She was dealing with memories of a past sports injury, along with some emotional circumstances that were significantly impeding her from moving forward and reaching her peak performance. She was able to benefit from EMDR by working on addressing her negative sports memories, and emotional challenges. This allowed her to begin to focus on the present – not the past. Ryan also worked with her to develop some mental game techniques as another method to assist in achieving a high level of performance. The end-result was a night/day difference in terms of leadership and confidence both on the field and off. The 1.5-hour drive from Winchester was definitely worth it, and we are looking forward to seeing the continued development of our daughter as a Division I athlete next year.
Bonnie King

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Ryan Long, MSW, LICSW

My overall philosophy and approach in working with individuals is very person-oriented from the standpoint that each one of us is a particularly remarkable individual molded by our beliefs, personality types, and interests in the world. For change to occur, it’s crucial that an environment of both genuine and professional care is created, coupled by a myriad of psychotherapeutic modalities that can be employed according to the goals of the client.

My perspective is holistic in that I strive to “build the bridge between the body and mind,” meaning that the emotional, physical, social and spiritual nature of each individual is valued and accepted.

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